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ArDemo - App powered by Appearition platform using Unity AR Framework

An Example of creating an AR application using the Appearition SDK for Unity

Description of Project#

This document explains the process of creating an image marker based augmented reality application integrating parts of Appearition’s Platform services and the Unity AR Foundation framework. The value of such integration being derived from producing an AR app with dynamic AR content that is managed and distributed by a centralised system. This enables immediate changes to AR targets and projections without the need to re-work and compile new apps.

An approach on how to implement the Appearition SDK, specifically covering the ArTargetImageAndMedia module is the primary focus of this exercise. However, the Appearition platform also accommodates many other uses delivered by its vast set of modules that can also be integrated into your app projects. This example only covers a very basic usage of the Appearition platform.


  • Working knowledge of Unity functionality, including importing and using Unity packages, and configuring client apps for different types of platform deployments.

  • Usage of Unity 2020.1 or later

Tutorials on specific Appearition Platform and SDK setups are also available on this link

Appearition Unity SDK Package Location#

This sample project is mirrored by an Unity demo scene that is included with the Appearition Unity SDK package v0.7.4 (or later), which is accessible by logging into the Appearition technical portal. if you have subscribed to the system you will find this in your “downloads” page. Please ensure that you follow the steps below before you import and deploy the Appearition Unity SDK package.


The instructions that follow include critical Unity configuration steps that need to be completed prior to importing or using the Appearition package.

A High-level description of the workflow#

The steps discussed here can be defined in stages that include:

1. Provisioning the Appearition Platform to deliver content to your Unity App#

2. Configuring your Unity App to use the Unity AR Foundation framework#

3. Installing and setting up the Appearition Unity SDK in your app to access the media objects you have provisioned for the AR session.#

Set up the AR Foundation Demo#

  1. Import the Appearition Unity SDK package (AppearitionSDK-v0.7.4) into your already configured AR Foundation Unity App framework.

  2. This will create the following folder structure in your Unity Editor:

The Appearition\Examples\SampleProjects folder contains two file:

  • AppearitionSDK_v07.4.ArDemo_v3.0 or later

  • ArDemo_ReaMeBeforeExtracting


Really read the “ArDemo_ReaMeBeforeExtracting” and follow the instructions!!!

The instructions in the readme file are a short step guide that provide a checklist on setting up different type of app integrations. For this exercise we are interested in the “ArFoundation Integration Instructions …” segment. By paraphrasing this section we can check that we have already performed the following steps:

  • Installed the XR Plugin Management (4.0.7)

  • Installed AR Foundation (4.1.7)

  • Installed either or both ARCore XR Plugin & ARKit XR Plugin (v4.1.7)

  • Removed Vulkan from the list of Graphic APIs

  • Set Minimum API Level to Android 7.0 API lvl 24

  • Set API Compatibility Level to .NET 4.x

  • Checked that we are using XR Plugin Management and selecting ArCore

  • Checked that we are building an Android app

What you still need to do:#

  • Install the AppearitionSDK_v0.7.4_ArDemo_v3.0 (or later) package located inside Appearition\Examples\SampleProjects\

This creates a set of new folders in the Editor, including the ARDemo Folder. \ArDemo\Packages contains three packages. The most relevant for this exercise being ArDemo_ARFoundation_v4.1.7_Integration (or later).

  • Install the ArDemo_ArFoundation_v4.1.7_Integration package found under Appearition/Example/SampleProjects/ArDemo/Packages. This creates new scenes in Appearition/Examples/SampleProjects/ArDemo/Scenes. The ARFoundation scene is “ArDemo_ARFoundation”. Select this scene to try the demo.

  • Once this scene is built in a supported device, try out the demo…


You can test the Marker mode using the sample target images inside Appearition\Examples\SampleProjects\ArDemo\SampleImages or you can go to the Appearition Platform portal and use the targets images you created in your channel…

Testing the Demo or any of your applications#

You are now ready to test. We usually have three ways of testing AR Content:

  • Print a target on paper and hold it on front of the camera.

  • Use the UnityRemote application to access the phone’s camera and have it aim at the Target Image picture on the computer’s Screen.

  • Build on Android/iOS and aim the camera at either the printed Target Image or the picture on the computer’s screen.

Testing and Debugging tips#

Follow this link

Contact Us#

If none of the issues are listed above, please contact us via email at:

Thank you for using the Appearition platform and happy deving!