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Release Notes

Current Version of the Appearition SDK for Unity#

Open API Documentation of latest version here


  • Major Update. SDK overhaul on most of its modules.

  • Offline capability extended to query-based APIs.

  • Moved the base unity version to v2019 LTS. Current SDK version v2019.4.4f1.

  • Changed the base ArTarget/Asset handling to ArTarget/List and Asset/List in the background.

  • After logging in, the profile data is fetched in the UserProfile for further use.

  • Assessment & QA fully integrated and tested.

  • Countless smaller features and bug fixes.

Older Versions#

Open API Documentation of latest version here


  • Removed the StandaloneFileBrowser from the Tutorials and fixed the tutorial scenes so that it doesn’t allow this type of functionality. You can still upload files in the tutorials 2 and 3, but by entering a path in an InputField instead.

  • Added an AssemblyDefinition for both the runtime and editor parts of the SDK.

  • Moved the base of the project to the latest version of Unity 2018, which is v2018.4.12f1

  • Combined the CreateMedia and UploadMedia processes into one, named AddMediaToExistingExperience.

  • Added publish functionality to the CreateExperience process.

  • Merged ReplaceMedia and UpdateMedia processes into a new process called UpdateExperienceMedia.

  • Renamed the process ChangeArTargetName to ChangeExperienceName for better understanding.

  • Fixed the tutorials scripts based on those changes.

  • Added and modified several overloads and descriptions to fit those changes.


Open SDK v0.5.1 API Documentation

  • File saving overhaul. Previous projects are most likely to break.

    • If the previous project was using a SampleProject (unmodified), extracting the SDK and the related SampleProject will fix the issue.

    • The UserProfile might break as well. You can create a new one with the same credentials (either copy/paste before update, either fetch the information from the EMS again).

    • Any call of type AppearitionGate.FetchMedia are likely to just be fixed by replacing to ArTargetHandler.LoadMediaFile (or LoadMediaFileContent).

  • All Handlers now handle the way they save files locally.

    • Handlers have utilities to load and clear cache for their respective data.

    • The directory structure and paths for each type of file is now available inside each respective handlers.

  • A FileHandler has been created to get/save/move/delete files in general.

  • The root of where the cloud data gets stored can now be changed in the AppearitionConstants.

  • JSON data can now be encrypted using a key. Both the toggle and the key are stored in AppearitionConstants.

  • All SampleProjects have been updated to this version and are stable.

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Major fix for mobile devices uploading content.

  • Added the MarkerlessLearnDemo v1.2 as part of the SDK


  • The Sample Projects are now part of the main SDK package.

  • Rework of the Tutorial scenes.

  • Core SDK structure changed. Profile data may break upon updating this newer version.

  • Profiles are now more straightforward and don’t require “apply” button.

  • A Getting Started popup now greets the users upon importing the SDK.

  • The Learn module is now part of the SDK.

  • Several bug fixes related to offline usage of the SDK.


  • Removed AR demo, and moved it to another project.

  • Started using the Unity Web Request instead of the WWW for local and asset downloading/loading.

  • Health/Ping API changed to version1 instead of version2.

  • Re-opened the End Point selection, called Select Region.

  • Checksum system implemented to avoid re-downloading the same file.

  • Removed some redundancy related to the media download/loading system.


  • Removed the multi-tenant selection editor.

  • Removed the end point selection.

  • Little Vuforia demo fix regarding target image fetching and awake Vuforia initialization, which affect future versions of Vuforia.

  • Removed Newtownsoft JSON and the leftovers of its implementations.

  • If testing iOS, please remove the ArDemo (inside Appearition/Example), as well as all folders outside than the Appearition folder.

  • Changed JSON Serializer. Now using Unity’s JsonUtility.

  • Changed the naming convention for all data inside each API, and serialized them accordingly.

  • Removed the IPostParam interface, now using raw object.

  • Some more smaller fixes.


  • Made all the coroutines processes public, for all modules.


  • Fixed an issue whereby the compiled DLLs tried to make a reference to UnityEditor, preventing any application from compiling.


  • Fixed the base request so that no request’s content can ever be null.

  • mplemented ArTarget_Get and Asset_MediaByAsset.


  • Switched the MultiPartForm POST request to UnityWebRequest.

  • Fixed the EndPoint issues.

  • Generated documentation for 0.2.0.

  • Restructure of the whole project.

  • Implemented the Location module.

  • Fixed the AppearitionGate Editor error whereby selecting none will give a nullref.

  • Removed obfuscation for the ChannelManagement module.

  • Fix the issue where the Bundle Identifier field would not be displayed in the AppearitionGate in WebGL mode.

  • Fixed USA Ems End Point.


  • Initial project build.