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A module represents a specific function or feature on the platform. A module can extend an existing feature, provide an alternative implementation to an existing interface or introduce a whole new set of capability to the platform.

There are already numerous modules available on the platform and more are being added all the time. You can read about them in later sections of this documentation portal.


Depending on your level of subscription, you will be able to activate available modules via the Appearition platform portal.

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Activating Module#

A user assigned to either System Admin or Tenant Admin role can browse and activate modules via the settings screen

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Configuring a Module#

Once activated, a module exposes all of the available settings that can be adjusted. Each setting represents a switch to enable/disable a function or a customisable value that controls a specific function, behaviour or privilege in that module.

Discovering API endpoints using Swagger#

When you activate a module in your account, you will be able to view, discover and test the associated HTTP APIs.

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