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PoC to full production at a moments notice

Use your PoC as the base to develop your production app or apps.

What makes it easy to move from PoC to production#

The Appearition platform is well tested in terms of its highly scalabable and performant distribution, as well as its ability to customise existing features or ability to integrate new features.

Concerns about scalability and performance, or integration of new features, become well managed issues by using the Appearition platform and its API extensions. So creating a PoC can be more a question of designing for audience reception rather than working out technological issues. And the appearition platform can also help with XR design questions, by providing demo app frameworks that can be used as your base line to help you design a well structured XR app. The PoC that you create can be extended to become the app your audience requires since the framework underpinning your original PoC is already set up to meet commercial demands.

Appearition’s PaaS platform offering can employ AWS or Azure cloud infrastructure as needed. It can also be installed in-house

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