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Why should I use the platform

The Appearition Platform simplifies the task of creating and serving XR experiences in your apps.

We know integrating immersive experiences is complicated#

There are a number of technical concepts that need to be understood and adapted when adding immersive experiences to your apps.

Reliability - How do I ensure my app does what it needs to do?#

A kingdom of apps or one kingdom for all apps …?

Client apps managed on-line are more than just client app components. Access to secure on-line services, vital to instantiating XR experiences, such as computer vision, location services, and many other AI services, must also be designed and implemented to meet commercial requirements. With so many requirements to fulfill, does it not make sense that one platform should manage any XR client application you would care to deploy? Appearition’s .Net modular framework meets your commercial and technical requirements without any need to build back-end frameworks. This makes it much easier to move your apps from PoC to full production at a moments notice and then change content and distribute it to your target apps as requirements change.

Scalability - What happens if my app needs further functionality and grows in popularity?#

Change is one of the things we can be sure of…

Growth in terms of complexity, traffic and data volume are factors managed by Appearition’s infrastructure and platform. Appearition’s implementation of its secure tenancy and channel framework ensures rapid scalability without compromising security or performance. On-line service consumption can be upscaled or downscaled on demand as required.

Adding complex back-end functionality may simply rely on the administrator adding or modifying the usage of platform services. For instance, changing vision services is as simple as modifying its configuration through Appearition’s administrator portal, without any need to make changes to the client app. Likewise, many other services only require the administrator to make the neccessary changes through their admin portal.

There is also Appearition’s API and SDK, which massively reduces the effort in very complex builds…

Performance - Will end users be able to access their XR experiences in a timely manner?#

Time always consumes patience…

When dealing with client apps that continuously change their content via accessing on-line services, app performance; or how fast users can access their XR experiences becomes very important. The Appearition platform offers many ways to deal with client side internet speed issues. These range from pre-loaded access to just-in-time access, as well as on-line/off-line modes.

And then you must also deal with client app concerns…#

A variety of Hardware…#

From smart phone, tablets to wearable headsets, hardware differences can cause significant differences to the user experience. More often that not each piece of hardware has its own SDK that needs to be learnt and implemented by developers within the context of the client application; and this must be integrated with the rest of the features of the XR app. The Appearition platform can help by taking a large portion of responsibility in the editing, publishing and distribution of XR material, leaving the smaller aspects of rendering the XR experience with whatever hardware flavour is selected.

A variety of Computer Vision Service Providers#

The Appearition Platform allows you to select many of the common commercial computer vision offerings, or you can use ARCore/ARKit without having to change code in your application. Changes can be made by your Appearition administrator and there is no need to change code to use the newly selected computer vision service. Changes of computer vision provider can be done at any time without affecting the build of your app.

More than just computer vision#

What if I need other services…

  • For instance what if I need location tracking services or location navigation?

  • What if I need scheduling services, so certain XR content is available at specific times and locations to support an important campaign?

  • What if need other services?

Appearition can offer these services through its administration portal, as well as opening your XR apps to consuming many other services.

How much do I need to know about 3D modelling?#

The Appearition Platform does not assume that a 3D professional is designing the XR experiences, but it can definitely accommodate experienced modellers.

Appearition’s Editing studio can assist in editing your digital creations whether they are 3D models, pictures, videos, text, or complex visualisations of IoT or analytical data. Appearition’s Editing Studio has easy to use drag and drop features that makes it easy for anyone, at any level of skill, to use it efficiently.

Immersive experiences are NOT static#

Baked apps, or throw away apps are exactly that. Throw away apps. Efforts to create PoCs, or sometimes production client apps that are baked are not economical even in the medium term. The point of immersion is that it is relevant, and relevancy by definition is about change. Keeping up with change need not be a complex or labour intensive effort. Appearition Platform enables any set of XR apps to be managed through visual wizards that makes it very easy to make minimal or complete overhauls to XR experiences, allowing fresh and relevant content to be always on tap.

So the server manages and the client app delivers#

At the highest level there are two areas to the Platform: Server and App Side.

Server side

The server side components are made up of numerous services and web based interfaces deployed in the cloud or on-premise. These services can be configured to connect to existing data stores and digital libraries. Content collected can then be aggregated and formatted according to the visualisation and presentation requirements of the experience.

The server is responsible for receiving requests from connected apps (via secured Web API endpoints) and is responsibile for orchestrating the contextually relevant experiences that will be sent back down.

App side

The app side components are responsible for capturing context and transmitting it to the server. It can seek user identification, run computer vision, capture user location and any other user information. The app side components are responsibile for rendering content on the device and capturing interactions with the real world. As required the app can run necessary commands or send them back to the server side for further instructions and experiences.

Vendor agnostic

There are numerous providers of tools and services for technologies such as image recognition, object recognition, SLAM and GPS mapping. Similarly, there are many types of data sources that are used in industry for storing and handling data.

As such, being vendor agnostic in relation to integration and serving immersive experiences is a key aspect of the platform. It is not bound to just one provider but rather, it can be extended to consume the services of any technology provider.


The platform has been designed with extensibility at its core. It has been built on a solid foundation with a suite of abstractions and generic interfaces. As new technology providers emerge or new business demands arise, new modules can be added to the platform to evolve the functional offering.

Hosting options#

Appearition Platform Cloud

The Appearition Platform is hosted and managed in the cloud as SaaS (Software as a Service). We take care of the infastructure, manage your backups and patches and updates. You simply register an account so you can focus on connecting and building immersive experiences.


Alternatively, the Appearition Platform can be hosted on-premise. You will need to supply and manage the infastructure, network, backup and security. Appearition will provide you with an installation pack, guidance and support. You will also need to manage patches and updates.

Please contact us for further information.