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The Appearition Platform on AWS#

The Appearition Platform is a service that gives you the tools to integrate immersive experiences (AR, VR, MR) into your new or existing apps and solutions. It gives you the control to configure and connect to existing digital content libraries and existing data stores. The platform helps you to aggregate, transform and visualise information for more engaging and contextually relevant presentations and workflows for your end users.

This base trial version allows you to explore the full features of the Appearition Platform and evaluate its value within your organisation and business workflows. It is worth noting that the best way to evaluate the value is to actually build a PoC or prototype. Our team at Appearition have been working closely with customers across different sectors since 2012. We have helped countless companies understand and realise how immersive tech can benefit their organisation. For more information view our website or contact us at to help you on your journey.

AWS Marteplace Options#