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SmartConnect Overview

SmartConnect represents a set of tools available through the Appearition Platform designed to help businesses improve efficiency and productivity as well as increase overall customer satisfaction.

The tools include:

  • AUXILIO: Augmented reality-enabled remote assistance
  • GEMINI: Mixed reality-based Digital Twins with IoT integration
  • BUILDSTEP: Augmented reality-enabled workflow process tool
  • DIGITAL FLOORS: Build your own Digital Factory Floors
  • AAKHAAR: Mixed reality-enhanced data visualization

The Appearition Platform is capable of utilising Edge Services for CPU and GPU intensive tasks and streaming the processed content back to a thin client.

SmartConnect Edge Services#

Delivering state of the art end user experiences requires state of the art management and deployment of computing services. Many of the capabilities that end users expect requires intensive GPU bound computing with high memory requirements and low latency network connectivity between client devices and cloud workloads.

The Appearition Platform enables an enterprise to tightly provision, manage and control cloud infrastructure deployments for any number, and any type of end user application.

Configuration of Appearition SmartConnect begins on the side of the cloud network infrastructure and gives full control to the Network Activation Team on what and how many resources to allocate to customers using SmartConnect solutions.

I am …#

Part of the Operator Network Activation Team#

…which manages my organisations cloud and network infrastructure. I want to setup the Appearition Platform to be SmartConnect ready…

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A Local Tenancy System Administrator#

and I manage the various applications and solutions that my developers are building that require SmartConnect services

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A Digital Experience Builder#

and I need to create interactive, high quality, immersive experiences with real-time data integration

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An End User#

who consumes the application solutions delivered with SmartConnect edge services

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