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About the Platform

The Appearition Platform is a service that gives you the tools to integrate immersive experiences (AR, VR, MR) into your new or existing apps and solutions. It gives you the control to configure and connect to existing digital content libraries and existing data stores. The platform helps you to aggregate, transform and visualise information for more engaging and contextually relevant presentations and workflows for your end users.

About these docs#

This is Appearition’s technical information site. Here you will find the information best suited to assist you in your XR deployment venture.

Everyone can author and publish XR experiences using the Appearition Platform. Whether lacking any experience in XR, to somebody highly experienced in XR development and deployment, you will most likely find the right answer to your questions here.

Appearition’s extensible platform is continuously integrating new technologies with a major goal being to improve the deployment of XR implementations that can be played through browsers, native applications, and by XR specific equipment like VR/XR wearables.

Appearition’s platform also includes a full suite of services that can drastically extend the functionality of your XR experiences. These optional platform services can turn your XR experience into a tool critical to your business objectives by integrating AI, IoT and inserting other business services into your XR application.

Benefits of using the Appearition Platform#

Using the Appearition Platform companies, or anyone involved in education, advertising, logistics, field services and many other industries, can:

  • Deploy client apps securely through platform channels that the platform owner creates and controls to transmit XR experiences at any time to the specific apps they target
  • Employ non-technical staff to produce XR publications without any coding
  • Readily modify the services deployed by the platform through the highly configurable administration portal and its visual wizards that don’t require scripting skills
  • Leverage Appearition Platform’s role based workflows to efficiently coordinate the work of any team configuration. For example enrolling platform users as content creators, reviewers and content publishers produces a natural content development, review and approval cycle. Or platform users and their roles can be established to best support any situation, including being a single power user that can perform all platform tasks
  • Cut down the costs of moving from a Proof of Concept (PoC) project to production by ensuring that the system is designed and deployed by Appearition’s highly scalable and secure platform
  • Recycle and upscale existing digital material to transform non-XR publications into XR experiences through Appearition’s editing XR studio.

Developers can:

  • Access a wide variety of tools within their knowledge and skill domain to produce unique immersive experiences that integrate sophisticated AI and IoT processes
  • Utilise a well-tested XR deployment platform to meet the commercial requirements of the project without having to worry about scalability, security and quality of service
  • Produce client apps that are branded according to customer requirements

Integrators can:

  • Utilise Appearition’s readily accessible integration interface to assist in all phases of the system integration cycle

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