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Media Types

The Appearition platform has been designed as a dynamic and extensible system. This means that as new devices and client technologies emerge in the XR industry, the platform is ready to adapt and serve content relevant to the changing landscape.

Media Types is an abstract concept that allows System Admin or Tenant Admin roles to add and edit the type of content which can be uploaded and served as part of XR experiences.

Creating and Managing Media Types#

There is a dedicated managment screen in the Appearition Platform portal for creating and managing Media Types.

By default, a tenant is created with no Media Types. It is up to the Tenant Admin to add Media Types. However doing so is very easy. Firstly, there is a master store of all Media Types across all tenants available to add. There is a button labelled “Available Master Media Types” on the screen which will reveal the list of existing Media Types that can be added to your tenant

If you don’t find what you need, you can always create your own Media Type. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the master list and click on the “Create New Media Type” button.

To provide this abstract and flexible way of extending capability, the platform gives you an extensive set of switches and sections to customise the type of media you want to support in your tenant and in your apps and solutions.