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A channel represents a group of related records inside a tenant.

How you treat a channel depends on your needs. In the Appearition cloud, a subscription to an account will result in a dedicated channel being allocated to the account. All content created by that account is stored in the channel and not available to anyone else.

In other solutions, a channel can be used to represent a specific app. Consider an organization that has subscribed to an entire tenant. Each app built and released can be allocated to a dedicated channel for storing and retrieving content.

Customise the Channel label on the portal

Product and Project are terms which have been used in different solutions running on the Appearition platform. On the portal web interface, a Channel can be configured to have another label (e.g. Product or Project). This capability exists to give flexibility when designing enterprise solutions.

The concept of Channel is universal, but the terminology may be misleading to certain organisations. In these cases, the label can be modified to some other text which aligns with business processes.


Throughout the API, you will see a field named: “productId”. This represents the “ID” of a Channel which can be sourced from the portal.

Creating a Channel#

A user assigned to either System Admin or Tenant Admin role can browse all channels and create new ones.

Creating is a simple as clicking on the “Add” button and following the wizard.

Managing a Channel#

Once a channel has been created, System Admin or Tenant Admin is able to:

Change the Name#

Change the Image Icon#

Delete the Channel#

Invite Users#

Assigning User Access to a Channel#

Once a channel has been created, System Admin or Tenant Admin is able to assign that user to the channel.

This is done via the User Management screen when creating new users or editing existing users.