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End Users

A SmartConnect End User can have access to any number of modules and features available through Appearitions tool sets. The following are examples of use cases which have integrated one or more of those tool sets to deliver application solutions for the enterprise end user.

Job Allocator#

A Job Allocator has the ability to create jobs and their associated forms. The forms can be composed of different control types - Textbox, Checkbox, AssetXR and List are currently available.

This example will show you how to create an AssetXR Form and new Job record as a Job Allocator.

Remote Expert#

A Remote Expert has the ability to provide video call support to a technician with screen drawing and annotation. During a video call the remote expert also has access to the same IoT data as the technician. Forms submitted by a technician are visible to a remote expert.

The following video shows how a remote expert can handle a call from an onsite technician.


A Technician has the ability to scan barcodes for related IoT data, use AssetXR controls to load a remote rendered AR experience and call their assigned remote expert for video call assistance.

This example will show you how to trigger a remote rendered AR experience and how to initiate a call with a remote expert using an Android technician app. Please note that a third party app was used for barcode scanning and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store