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For web developers, a Javascript SDK is available to include in your web pages.

Getting started#

You can download and host the javascript files from the links below. Alternatively, you can access the javascript libaries directly from our CDN like this:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>


Only HTTP is currently supported. Alternatively, you can download any of the JS files and serve them from your project servers.


You must include this core library in your project:


You can also download the debug version by simply removing the “.min” from the URL.


You will need to include this in your web page so that you can authenticate to the platform to access features and data

Modules (LTS)#

These are modules which are available and readily supported as part our long term support.

AR Target Image and Media#

Content Library#





Modules (BETA)#

These modules are available to use and are supported by our team. However they have not yet been verified for LTS.



Object Recognition#


In the Lab#

These modules are available to use but are still undergoing development and changes.

Asset / Inventory Management#

Dynamic Forms#

Job Management#

Method of Operations (MOP)#


Site Management#

Static Reference Types#


Subscribe to view demos

Get started to subscribed to the Appearition Platform and access the demo site.

A site is available that demonstrates the methods of the SDK. You can view and use the demo site and download the source code as needed. Click here.

More Modules#

Modules are continuously being added. Check back for more references.

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